Our Vision

Our vision for the Ecohealth Conference Series is to establish its reputation in the environmental industry as a sought after and ‘must attend’ annual event for seasoned and start-up environmental professionals alike. We intend to build a collaborative community of scholars, practitioners and policy-makers across the   environmental industry, in business, in government at all levels, and in society as a whole, who will seek out this event as a source of inspiration and innovative thought. While pushing what is established as “the norm” for each conference and setting an example for future student leaders, organizers will pursue this vision through boldness, creativity and ambition.

The conference will enable students to display their knowledge and willingness to improve the world around them, through showcasing research projects and building partnerships with small businesses and established organizations within our community. This will ultimately shape the connections within our environment and promote sustainability on a variety of scales.


Tickets are only $15.00 to attend the full day event!



We are a group of 41 dedicated students, attending our third year of the Ecosystem Management Technology Program at Sir Sandford Fleming College’s School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences in Lindsay, Ontario. We all share a deep-rooted passion for the natural environment and an undying will to know as much about it as possible, for the betterment of all life on earth.  

Fleming College Frost Campus, is one of Canada's leading environmental education institutes, producing highly skilled graduates who work in the environmental and natural resource industries across Canada and around the world.  Fleming College's vision is to become an international leader in environmental and natural resource sciences, setting standards for education, training, innovation and research. Through Fleming College and the Ecosystem Management Technology program, each of us is provided tremendous opportunity for academic, professional and personal growth.

This academic year, we as a class are planning and facilitating the 12th annual Ecohealth Conference at Frost Campus, on the programs 25th Anniversary! Join us on Saturday, March 21st, 2020 to partake in another engaging and educational conference!

Fleming College Frost Campus

200 Albert St. S, K9V 5E6

Lindsay, Ontario

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