Buzz About Bees

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Stay Hood, Rouse on 

What is modern falconry and how can it relate to wildlife management? Zachary Steele, an alumnus from the Fish & Wildlife Technology program at Fleming College, will explain how birds are used in wildlife management and how falconry is conducted and regulated in Ontario. Assisting Zack will be a Harris Hawk, and Red-tailed Hawk. These animals will serve as ambassadors to help teach about practicing falconry in a modern age.

Forage for Fungi 

Adventure into the mysterious kingdom of fungi with Dane Somogyvary, an alumnus of the Ecosystem Management Technician Program at Fleming College. Learn about the important roles that fungi play in the ecosystem – from promoting soil health, to the symbiotic relationships with plants and insects.  Mushroom identification features, where and when to look for it, and how to prepare it for consumption will be covered. Understand the principles and processes involved with cultivating mushrooms and go home with the tools and knowledge to start your own. 

Braden’s Believe-It-Or-Not  

Parasitic worms eating insects from the inside out? Giant hissing cockroaches from Madagascar? This workshop will introduce you to the incredible diversity of insects and their relatives. Come and get your hands dirty with Dr. Braden Evens, or feel free to look on as an observational participant, as we discuss the extraordinary world of invertebrates. In addition to exploring insect diversity, Braden will also discuss the economic value of arthropods and how they can be used as biological control agents in agroecosystems and home gardens without the use of chemical pesticides. 

Flash Talks

Are you interested in changing your perspective? Would you also be interested in new sustainable green solutions? These flash talks will explore how we can change our perspectives on the management of our communities and natural resources to become more inclusive, sustainable, and more livable for everyone. There will be Flash Talk presenters from both Frost and Sutherland campuses to enhance the ideas and discussions that will be explored.  

Seeds for the Future

Seeds for the future.  Seed banks are the future! Climate change, human expansion and natural disturbance is slowly destroying our food crops and plant biodiversity. One way to combat this is through saving seeds! Learn the What’s, Why’s and How’s of seed saving and become a part of this important movement to protect the future of our plant species and crops. 

Salmonid Hatchery

Sustainable fishing such as aquaculture is a growing industry that encompasses topics such as: food production, conservation, aquaponics and pond/garden markets. Aquaculture is promoted as a means of food security in communities, and it replenishes the wild populations of Rainbow Trout, Atlantic Salmon and Brook Trout. Come visit Fleming College’s two hatcheries, the Salmonid and the Musky hatchery. This tour will give guests a hand-on experience and a chance for students to volunteer and gain valuable experience at an introductory level.  


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